The Flavour Apprentice DX Caramel Original
Flavour - The Flavour Apprentice DX Caramel Original

The Flavour Apprentice DX Caramel Original

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Caramel Original (DX) is a gorgeously rich and luxurious caramel, with a toasty maple and brown sugar flavour. This flavour concentrate provides a rich and creamy taste and is one of the best caramel flavours on the market; it provides magnificently soft and velvety texture which makes it good as a stand-alone flavour or as a DIY recipe ingredient. Caramel Original (DX) makes a good addition to custards, puts the finishing touches to a dessert recipe such as crème caramel, or try adding it to a beverage flavour to add a rich and sweet creaminess. Caramel Original (DX) is a potent concentrate, which can easily overpower other flavours, so we would recommend that you start low- around 1%- and work from there. This is the DX version, which is diketone (acetoin, diacetyl and acetyl propionyl) free.

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