Mix Wizard EZ Mix Nicotine
Discontinued - Mix Wizard EZ Mix Nicotine

Mix Wizard EZ Mix Nicotine


Unfortunately, Mix Wizard EZ Mix Nicotine has been discontinued.

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Mix Wizard EZ Mix Unflavoured Nicotine Liquid is designed to keep DIY simple! Specifically formulated for Doublers this unflavoured is perfect to mix in with your 0mg doublers or for your own DIY recipes. Our Nicotine Solution contains the highest grade on the market, every bottle is batch tested, & nitrogen purged.

Note: Included with the bottle is 1 x Witches Cap for easy pouring & mixing.

How it Works

Order your EZ Mix Nicotine twice the strength you want to and simply add it to your doubler in a 1:1 ratio. For Example a 30ml doubler mixed with 30ml of EZ mix will create a 60ml juice half the strength of the EZ Mix Liquid Nicotine you purchased. See our doubler table below:

EZ Mix Strength (Buy)
E Liquid Strength (Result)
3mg 1.5mg
6mg 3mg
12mg 6mg
24mg 12mg
36mg 18mg

Can I it flavourless?

Yes of course! Our EZ Mix Unflavoured Nicotine Liquid is 100% -able without diluting or adding any flavour. It is comparable to any retail ready juice, simply purchase your EZ Mix bottle in your desired strength.

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews

Good product fast shipping

Fran My sherry

Quick delivery made up a new batch last week first time using these products and I can’t complain would highly recommend them

Andre V
First timer

Annoyed at oils mostly stopping at the 6mg mark with a few select at 12mg needed so opted to try the 36mg mix with a 0mg oil
Mixing was simple, 20 base/40 to make 60ml to attain 12mg
Flavor still noticeable diluted down and i can now buy any flavored oil locally or abroad as well as save quite a few $ in the process


First time buying a vape and doing all this mix wizard make it pretty simple

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