What is a doubler?

What is a doubler?

Doublers are sold as half-filled bottles of e-liquid containing the same ingredients as any other e-liquid, the key differences being no nicotine and double the flavour concentration, hence the name doubler. For example if you buy a 30ml doubler you will only see 15ml of liquid in the bottle, the other 15ml you will fill with nicotine solution yourself.

The flavours in doublers are very intense as they contain double the concentration, so it is not suitable for vaping without dilution. If you do not wish to add nicotine to your bottle yourself then its best to purchase a ready to vape juice from an overseas supplier!

How do I mix a Doubler?

Typically a doubler is mixed in a 1:1 ratio with unflavoured nicotine solution. You simply fill the other half of your doubler with an Easy Mix nicotine at double your desired vaping strength. For Example: if you want to turn your 30ml doubler into a 3mg vape juice, you would purchase a 6mg EZ Mix Nicotine Solution, fill your doubler which will hold 15ml of liquid to the top with the solution (1:1 ratio) making a full 30ml bottle. The overall flavour concentration in your doubler will become diluted to half and the nicotine strength of your now diluted juice will half as well to 3mg.

Why buy a doubler?

Currently Australian laws do not allow Aussies to buy e-liquid containing nicotine already inside the vape juice from vendors within Australia, but the law does allow you to order any nicotine products from abroad, up to three months supply at once. This is why doublers have become popular for some vapers who want to purchase their vape juice locally but still vape with nicotine by adding it themselves. The alternative is to purchase ready to vape juice with nicotine in it already from an overseas supplier.

Where do I buy Unflavoured Nicotine from?

Most good DIY vape suppliers in New Zealand will have Nicotine solution available for purchase, with NZ being so close by shipping rates are pretty cheap and your order can arrive as fast as the very next day.

We of course reccommend you purchase our very own EZ Mix Nicotine Solution. All our Nicotine is sourced from the best gloabl suppliers, each bottles is batch tracked for quality, and argon purged to keep your nicotine fresh on arrival

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