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Great mix , binded well thank you :)

Awesome Bottles

Legit nice high-quality bottles at an affordable price. They don't leak or anything and work really well. Literally exactly the same quality you'd get from buying actual juice from big-name companies like Pacha Mama or Jam Monster.

Very strong

It is very overpowering. Recommended to use 0.5%.

Great value

Can't recommend this enough. With our draconian laws regarding nicotine and vaping I thought I'd give this a shot. 250ml of this will easily last me 6 to 12 months as you only need to add a little bit of it to your nicotine free juice which is readily available in Australia. It has no noticeable flavour so it doesn't compromise your vaping experience but adds that satisfying nicotine hit. 5 stars all the way.

Good concentrate

Good fruity concentrate. Great as stand alone or with other flavours mixed.

Great quality product

Great quality tasting nicotine and mixes very well with the MX VG and PG.

DX Caramel

Good flavour.

Great Quality

Clear, high quality nicotine base. Love how it comes in an opaque bottle.


My favourite cream. A slight vanilla note, with lashings of thick cream. Can go from a light cream to more decadent, depending how much you use. Adds mouthfeel and smoothness.

I use it anywhere from 1%-3% in a mix

Added to a Vanilla Ice Cream, this adds richness, and improves the overall profile. My favourite ratio is 4% VBIC, 1-2% Vanilla Whipped Cream.

Good flavour but not what's I was looking for

This yellow peach is pretty tasty but not what I was looking for. It's a bit too artificial tasting for me

does its job

great taste great service fast delivery thank mw

Love it, mix it with the peach and apricot

Great product

Worked perfectly to sweeten up juices I didn't particularly like. A little goes a long way. Will definitely buy again.

Brilliant flavor

Brilliant, subtle and accurate flavor from this cost effective flavor addition.

Does what it says on the bottle.

You can't ask for anything more than that really :)


Great flavor fast delivery thanks mw

Ooo la la passion fruit

One of my fav flavours cant wait to buy more to try

Nice taste

Little bit ice creamy with Banana..nice flavour. Great delivery as always


Great flavour, very similar to the soft banana lollies from the dairy, mixed at 6%. Fantastic stand-alone flavour and one of my new ADV's, also great when mixed with a little (e.g., 2%) caramel, or strangely, coconut. I've been impressed with almost all FW flavours recently, they stick out when compared to TFA and CAP in terms of taste and intensity. Really professional service from Mixwizard too, and love the free shipping!

Strong lime flavor

I used this with a Mango base (10%) with a hint of lime (2%) turned out great.

The Best Pistachio

As per title "The Best Pistachio". If you want a pistachio for use in desert style vapes, look no further.

not sure

havent tasted it properly yet but still great delivery speed thanks mw


Nice simple juice to start mixing with, starting at around 12%, so far so good, tastes great, just remember to steep for at least 2 weeks.

A Little Strong

VERY punchy flavour, can do well on it's own or in tandem with other things. However, it is a little light on the apple notes and opinions on this one ranged from "I love it!" to "It smells like nail polish". I personally liked it, but it was incredibly divisive. Use sparingly.

Natural Taste

Tastes less like a "candified" apricot and more like the real deal. Excellent.

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