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Vegetable glycerine

Cant say much really; does what its suposta do.
Seems clean; no "cocoanut glycerine taste".
Like shoshas glygerine.
Dosnt wreck your coils.
If your using say 0.4ohms coil.
Internet says use 25watts..
Dont!! It burns your cotton instantly.
Smoke should be white; not grey.
So far i cant complain. Cant compare it to anything cos mixwizards a great company; helpfull; fast delivery. Dont intend changing cos its easy to get what you want.

Top shelf

Expectations were meet
Good quality product
No weird plastic smell
Overall a satisfying experience with the Mix Wizard team.

Great product, easy to use and fast delivery


Great company fast service for all goods

Nice Product

This product produces the best clouds. Really awesome. Mix Wizard does it again.

Great Product

Great service , good price and super quick delivery. Will definitely be dealing with this company into the future. Thank you very much.

Not like the drink

Not so great on its own, nice as an additive

Propalyne glycol

Great value for money.
Mixed 50/50 with vegetable glycerine youv got a lot of juice! The viscosity a slightly thinner than shop bought juice. But the up side is; it actually keeps your coils cleaner cos the sugar isnt collecting on them as quick.
I had a half baked coil ready to hiff away; you know when you can taste that cooked sugar taste getting stronger and drowning out the juice flavour.
and it seems that the vgpg has sorta clean the coil?? I run at 17watts with 0.4ohm device. Gotta find that sweetspot of hot enough to vape; but cold enough to keep your coils in good health.
Either way. The vgpg seems cleaner overall than shop bought thick coil wreking juice

Tfa Sweetner

A little goes a long way. 4 drops per 30ml bottle is quite enough.
Good thing about this sweetner surprisingly is it dosnt have that nasty aspartame artificial taste that hangs around in your mouth long after the flavours gone.
Its just like ver strong sugar.

Inawera Grape

Dosnt taste like fresh grapes unfortunately.
Tastes like grape bubblgum. Not artificial grape like fizzy drink. But cleaner than that. Has a slight spice to it like cloves or cinamon which is dissapointing. Im gonna try green grape next.


Tastes like watermellon bubblegum.
Not fake flavour. Very authentic.
Crisp clean and slightly sour.
Adding a few drops of sweetner tones it down. Personally i prefer it by itself.


Exactly as advertised with great service


Exactly what i expected.
Tastes just like shosha watermellon;
Fresher though
Four drops of sweetnet in a 30mil bottle toned down the freshness.
Exactly like watermellon hubba bubba bubblegum.
Juicy and clean.

Cold pressed lime. Authentic.

Authentic is the right word. It dosnt taste fake at all. While it dosnt have the expected zing of limes. It does have a taste of lime marmalade with the pith included; if it didn't have the pithy taste it would be wat better. Its clean and fresh. No artificial lime taste.


Awesome product, highly recommend.

Sweet Mango V2
Mathew M.

Great flavor .
I can't wait to try more .

Emilija D.

Great strawberry taste, goes well alone or when you mix it with other flavors.

Flavor West Butter Pecan

Nice smooth flavor, nutty buttery goodness!

Lindsay C.
Yes great

Mixes well with Strawberry, chocolate and even peanut butter. Mainly I use it with chocolate recipes involving coconut menthol and or Cinnamon, and I've just ordered more now

Lindsay C.
Great stuff

Works well as a background flavour at around 2 %. Next time I'll try it at around 3 for a more minty flavour. I used it with double Dutch chocolate but I'm sure it will work better with milk Chocolate. I should imagine it will work wonders to some fruit recipes as well


Great product, excellent packaging, fast delivery. Will be buying from mix wizard again.

Coconut Extra
Lindsay C.

At about 0.5-2 percent this flavour is definitely a coconut flavuor. Just a hint or a little more for a background taste it's ideal and brings out an even better flavor when mixed with other flavours that haven't had coconut added to them before

What a flavour

I made a 70/30 batch from this flavour and i found it very nice and refreshing. A really top flavour in my opinion. Thanks Mix Wizard for you exemplary service.


Very strong but no e and different

Just like the description says

So good and I tasted a hint of vanilla when mixing with it, which only adds to that creamy goodness when using it as part of a icecream base.

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