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Simple but great product, arrived quickly and very pleased with the packaging - extra tape around the cap so no leaks! Thanks guys : )

Great quality nicotine. Extremely well packaged.

Creamy Hazelnut - Flavor West

Nice hazelnut flavour with some body (cream). Mixed at 5%. Definitely will be back for this one.

Your coils will love you for it

I have a sweet tooth, and previously used Capella Super Sweet in my mixes at 0.5%. I tried Sweetness as I heard it doesn't gunk your coils as much.

There's definitely a difference in my coils since switching to Sweetness. It has the same sugar lips taste as Super Sweet, and is just as concentrated. I use it at 0.5%.

It does get slightly sweeter with steeping, so use it sparingly at first.

Good extra for desert type recipes.

A good extra for desert type recipes. I used at a low percent to add more creamy smoothness.


Very happy with this flavor
Have been using it for a week now
I like mixing my own as I can make it up to the way I like would recommended to anyone
Thank you


Found this very nice
I'm not a big fan on the sweet flavors so it nice to have a choice
Of a number of tobacco blends and the best thing is you can make it as strong our as week as you would like
I have yet to try a few of the other flavors but
Thumbs up on this flavor

Lemon meringue pie

Very happy

Nice watermelon flavour

Nice watermelon flavour. Add a sweetener and a bit of ice or menthol for a fresh watermelon experience.

Best out there

I absolutely love this v2 custard,its rich and creamy i just can't seem to get enough of it,mix wizard just needs to bring in bigger bottles of this devine concentrate, because the little bottles never last long enough.

Excellent peanut butter concentrate

Its a great peanut butter flavour. Good as a one flavour, and as a base for 2-3 flavour adds.
The price was good.
Quick delivery

As described

As described

Exactly what I needed

Good flavour just like I want it

Freebase Nicotine

Product as described and fast delivery. Would recommend.


What more can you want? Perfect VG, fast delivery, great price.
Even came with an optional nozzle.

Pretty good blueberry

Pretty good flavour on its own, but i prefer to mix it with other blueberry flavours.

not sure

havent used it as yet extently

Rainbow drops

Its actually not bad,i tried it with some sour and wasn't too bad,you can really taste the grape flavour but i couldn't really taste any of the other flavours,but it still a nice and refreshing summer vape😀

Hubbies favourite

This is the only juice my hubby will puff, its sweet & very yummy 😋

Try it

Use anywhere from 1-4% for a mint taste that has the perfect combination of cooling, sweetness with a hint of vanilla. I love it with ice cream and white chocolate.

Very similar to a creme de menthe flavour

Super tasty!

Mixes well :)

Pretty good

Use very little as it is a taste dominator

Great product and service

Great product, and super fast shipping, thanks again look forward to mixing and using


Berry blend is really nice, I made a few mixes
Berry blend, Belgian waffles and barvarian cream is so good.
Definitely recommend

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