How to Mix Nicotine Into Zero-Nicotine E-Liquid


So you have purchased 100mg nicotine, and you're not sure how much nicotine to add to your ready-to-vape zero-nicotine bottle? We will cover this in the guide below.

The gist here is you are adding high-strength nicotine to your 0mg vape juice. It's pretty simple once you get the hang of it, but we should cover some basic safety precautions first

Safety when handling 100mg Nicotine

Nicotine solution especially in high strengths (100mg) is Highly Toxic in contact with your skin or if swallowed (ingested). You need to be aware you are about to handle a potentially dangerous product, so please do not be complacent when handling nicotine. 

You need to always avoid contact with your direct skin as nicotine is easily absorbed. you need to wear nitrile / latex gloves during handling and immediately clean any spills or drips if any. You should wear long sleeve clothing that reaches your glove line, this will reduce potential contact with your skin.

Things not to do:

  • Do not mix around children/pets.
  • Do not mix directly into your vape tank or pod.
  • Do not store your nicotine in an easy to access place. You can read more on our Nicotine Safety Storage Guide.

Things to do:

  • When mixing/dosing, always wear gloves and eyewear.
  • Work on a clean and tidy bench or table that is stable to limit spills.
  • Have your tools and nicotine ready before you start to dose.

Tools you will need to dose your bottle

Before you begin adding nicotine to your ready-to-vape juice, you will need a couple of tools to assist:

tools List

How much nicotine do I add to my bottle?

Below is a chart for dosing a 30ml, 60ml, 100ml, 120ml bottle of ready-to vape juice with 100mg nicotine, and desired strengths (outcome) are from 3mg to 18mg.

30ml 60ml 100ml 120ml
3mg 0.9 ml 1.8 ml 3 ml 3.6 ml
6mg 1.6 ml 3.6 ml 6 ml 7.2 ml
9mg 2.7 ml 5.4 ml 9 ml 10.8 ml
12mg 3.6 ml 7.2 ml 12 ml 14.4 ml
18mg 5.4 ml 10.8 ml 18 ml 21.6 ml

Nicotine Accuracy & Flavour Dilution

Because you are adding nicotine to a ready-to-vape juice, two minor issues arise: the flavour of your juice will be slightly diluted, and your desired nicotine strength will be slightly lower than intended. However, the dilution in both taste and nicotine strength is minor, and if you didn't read this, you wouldn't notice it.

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